All braces are NOT created equal. Many competitors still choose to use the original braces from the 1980s. They come from 3rd world manufacturers, and cost less than 10% of the new braces. The old braces require heavier forces, tightening, and extra wires. It can make treatment significantly less comfortable, slower, and limit how big and broad your smile can be.

Kylie and Jessica both chose clear braces

Make sure the orthodontist you choose uses self-ligating braces. There are different brand names available. We choose to purchase ours from American Orthodontics, in Sheboygan, WI. These braces don’t require traditional twisting and tightening. Combined with hi-tech wires, with alloy literally developed by NASA, we can achieve spectacular results, with less pressure, less extractions, and in less time. Fewer adjustments are needed, and appointments are shorter too. Consider these factors when choosing the orthodontist for your family.