Most orthodontists and many dentists offer Invisalign. Dr. Woolaver is the #1 Provider of Invisalign in the Ahwatukee, Tempe, Chandler area. He is one of only 2 orthodontists in Arizona to have transformed over 2000 smiles with Invisalign, and one of the Top 1% of Providers in North America. Dr. Woolaver uses his education and experience to teach other dentists and hygienists about the Invisalign system in his ClearSmiles Invisalign Study Club. When dentists struggle to achieve the kind of results that Dr. Woolaver does, he is often called upon to help plan or even finish the treatment.

Dr. Woolaver’s use of Invisalign has been featured on TV and in numerous publications

Are you a candidate?

We have heard it many times… “I was told I am not a candidate for Invisalign.” At Woolaver
Orthodontics, almost everyone is. Check out a couple recent Woolaver Invisalign success stories:

Brian Stephens Invisalign only!

Brian was told he needed braces and jaw surgery by other orthodontists. Invisalign only!

Jeremiah Green Invisalign only!

Jeremiah was told he needed braces and an expander by other orthodontists. Invisalign only!