Carson plays basketball, so Invisalign was a great fit Carson plays basketball, so Invisalign was a great fit
Julia didn’t want braces to get in the way of her busy soccer schedule.Julia didn’t want braces to get in the way of her busy soccer schedule.
Bradley chose Invisalign because he is active in theatreBradley chose Invisalign because he is active in theatre

Dr. Woolaver chose Invisalign for his own kids

Maya was late growing teeth, so she couldn’t start until she was 14. No one wants to start braces at the same time they start high school. Can you tell Maya is wearing Invisalign?

Ben started his Invisalign when he was 12. He plays travel hockey, so he’s wearing mouthguards every day, there’s a lot of hard contact, and he travels around North America. Not having to deal with any broken brackets or pokey wires definitely fit his lifestyle better than braces. Can you tell Ben is wearing his aligners during this game?

Advantages of Invisalign over braces

  • Results are comparable, and often better than braces because of the precision of the digital process
  • Often faster than braces
  • More comfortable. Much less pressure on the teeth, and less to rub the cheeks
  • More discreet
  • No food restrictions
  • Many fewer appointments. No emergencies with broken brackets or pokey wires
  • Much improved hygiene
  • Play sports and musical instruments without any worries

Parent concerns

What if you lose an aligner? Most of the time, just go to the next in the series.
What if the kids are not consistent with wearing aligners? Sure, it happens. The aligners are very precise. If a patient takes days or weeks off wearing aligners, usually, the current series of aligners we have ordered won’t fit anymore. We scan the teeth again, and order up a new set. They probably haven’t cost you any money, they have just wasted some of their time. Typically, if this happens, the kids learn the lesson and jump on board better so they can get their treatment done faster.

We’re not saying Invisalign doesn’t affect your life. Of course it does. It’s not braces, but it’s still orthodontics. You have to manage the aligners we give you. You have to wear them 20+ hours/day. You might still experience some discomfort. After 20 years and over 10000 patients, Dr. Woolaver’s experience leads him to believe Invisalign is a great choice that can have some advantages over traditional braces.

Oh, and keep the aligners away from you dog. Ximena had her aligners on her nightstand. Her dog had a great time, trying on every aligner to see if they would fit… Ximena, come on in for your new scan!