Orthodontics is a Specialty

General dentists often offer braces or Invisalign. Dr. Woolaver completed a 3 year residency after dental school, and has transformed over 10000 smiles. Education and Experience… what do you want for your smile?

Corporate Dentistry/Orthodontics

Offices that do general dentistry and have an orthodontist on staff, or multiple locations are in our neighborhood. The orthodontist bounces from office to office around the valley. Availability for appointments and emergencies is limited because they do not have an orthodontist in-office every day.


When comparing price, be careful in choosing the cheapest. Many offices offer low prices up front, but hit you with many fees later in treatment which can make the total cost for treatment much higher. Broken bracket fees, missed appointment fees, cancellation fees, etc can dramatically increase the total cost of treatment. BEWARE of any office that charges additional monthly fees after a certain point. For example, many offices can start charging extra if treatment extends beyond 24 months. This actually creates an incentive for the office to keep your braces on longer so that the office can charge more. Also, lower-cost offices typically use lower-cost materials. Braces can be purchased from third-world manufacturers for a fraction of the cost of American-made braces. But, all braces are NOT created equal. Using a cheaper brace often leads to months or years longer in braces and 10 or 15 additional visits during treatment. Would you pay a few hundred dollars extra to be done with your braces sooner and to have many less trips into the office for adjustments? Consider this before selecting your orthodontist. Shopping for the cheapest orthodontic treatment in town may come with a significant cost; in dollars, your time, and comfort.


We are proud to be the most recognizable school and youth activity sponsor in our community for over a decade. Little League, YMCA, school events, Festival of Lights… You name it, we’ve supported it. We have given back over $250000 into our community. Choosing Woolaver Orthodontics is choosing your community.

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