What Sets Us Apart

Bragging about yourself isn’t cool, so we prefer to let other people do it for us. Check out some testimonials.

We realize you have a choice in whom you trust your smile to. And we are familiar with the other choices in our neighborhood… there’s only a few of us. So, we want you to understand a few things that you should consider in making your choice.

Orthodontics is a specialty. Dr. Woolaver completed a 3 year residency after dental school to earn his specialty degree. He has more education in orthodontics than a general dentist, it’s all he does all day long, and he has the experience of over 5000 smiles. A general dentist can legally do braces and Invisalign®. Your family doctor could have delivered your baby too, but is that who you chose?

Watch out for dental “companies.” We unfortunately have more and more coming to our neighborhood. These are offices that do general dentistry, and have an orthodontist on staff too. What they don’t tell you is the orthodontist bounces from office to office within the company. So, you can only get appointments a few days a month. And the orthodontists often change from year to year, so there is poor continuity of care.

Some of our fellow orthodontists have multiple office locations; one even has 4 offices! They say it’s for your convenience. Consider their availability for your appointments if they spend some/most of their time in Mesa or Gilbert. When your daughter has a pokey wire, and they say “No problem, come on out to Power Rd and we’ll snip it,” will you still think that is convenient?

Everyone else offers different types of braces within their office. We only have one… the best! We would only put the best on our own kids. Why would we put anything but the best on you or your kids? So, other offices start with older, metal braces, and upcharge you for newer, clear braces. The technology really does matter. Don’t settle when it comes to your smile.

Most importantly, consider how all of our choices affect our community. You can buy a TV at Walmart, but if you buy it at Target, 5% of their profits go to our local schools… You can see how much they have given each school on a chart in the store. Both are similar, big box retailers, but I think Target is a little better for our community. Check out Our Community page. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our community. We give back to the neighborhood that supports us, and we try to make a real difference… not a concern of some of our colleagues… Oh yeah, and those braces we use, they are 100% made in America, in Sheboygan, WI. The company is family owned, and most of their employees have worked for them for over 25 years. This factors into our choice. Everyone else’s braces are made in Japan and Europe.

Thanks for considering these things in making your choice.